(NEW) VeeGo Semi-Fat

Product image 1(NEW) VeeGo Semi-Fat
Product image 2(NEW) VeeGo Semi-Fat
Product image 3(NEW) VeeGo Semi-Fat
Product image 4Folding fat tire electric bike for beach or commuting.
Product image 5Best new electric bike for 2019 is the VeeGo Semi Fat.
Product image 6Small folding electric bike for boat or RV
Product image 7Kenda 20 x 3" Tires With Blaze Headlight
Product image 8LCD E-bike computer with pedal assist and throttle.
Product image 9Swept back handlebars for VeeGo Semi Fat electric bike.
Product image 10strong rear rack with integrated lighting and no need to check spoke tension.
Product image 11Easy on frame for people with back and hip problems.
Product image 12Geared rear hub motor with shimano drivetrain that is not cheap but is inexpensive.

Regular price $1,299.00 Sale price $1,299.00

New For The Holidays

Affordable       |       Practical       |       Featureful
Our latest VeeGo offers most of the same great characteristics as our other two models, at a more affordable price!
Nothing else on the market comes close to providing the same value.

Enjoying Life Isn’t A Race

A brand new VeeGo at a more affordable price! As our VeeGo Fat Tire & 750 continue to dominate the competition, we wanted to add a new more affordable version so everyone in the country can have their own electric bicycle! Our latest edition is also more compact and maintains all of our great features including integrated lighting, HD cargo rack, and arrives 99% assembled!
7 Speeds
20 MPH
400 Watts Output
20-40 Mile Range
53lbs Total Weight
5 Level PAS & Throttle

Compact Folding Frame
35" x 18" x 28" when folded for easy travel and storage!

Bright Colors
Our new flashy colors will ensure everybody sees you coming! #SafetyFirst

Kenda 20 x 3" Semi-Fat
The perfect balance between comfort, performance, and weight, the Kenda 20"x3" Semi Sexy tires.

Distinguishing Features

Arrives 99% Assembled
Don't worry about having to dig through complicated instructions or finding special tools, you only have to install the pedals!
Oversized Folding Latch
Our design includes stronger hardware that provides as much strength and durability possible for a folding frame.
Front & Rear Fenders Available
Our full length rust-proof fenders provide superior protection!
Chain & Derailleur Guards
A double chain guard and rear derailleur guard are included keeping your chain nice and secure and your derailleur protected being bent.
LCD Computer
Our simple LCD computer is easy to dial in the exact assistance you desire.
Powerful 18 Amp Controller
Providing the perfect balance of power for flat roads and steep hills, our VeeGo Semi-Fat has only 13% less power than our competitors 750W bikes!
Internal Cable Routing
Protecting your cables from getting caught or damaged while riding in the elements.
Cable Protectors
Custom designed plastic guards will keep your cables from getting frayed when you fold and unfold your VeeGo bike.
Hassle Free Warranty
In case you do have any problems, we are here to help! We keep all parts in stock and can get you back running in no time.
Free Domestic Shipping
The price you see is the price you pay, no need to worry about expensive surcharges for shipping. Your VeeGo will ship from our shop in St. Petersburg via FedEx.

Entire Specification List ➡️

Frequently Asked Questions

How much assembly is required?
VeeGo will arrive 99% assembled! You only have to install the pedals and you will be good to go! Just make sure to tighten them down really tight :)
Rider height and weight limits?
The VeeGo Semi Fat is designed for riders between 5' tall and 6'2 and up to 270 pounds.
What are the dimensions when folded?
VeeGo is 35" long, 18"wide, and 28" tall when folded.
Do you have to use the motor?
You can operate your VeeGo with pedal assistance, or with the twist throttle. You can also turn all the electronics off.
How do you charge the VeeGo?
A 2 amp charger is included with the bike. You can charge the battery while it is still installed on the bike or remove it and charge elsewhere.
How much maintenance is required?
Our electric bicycles do not require much more maintenance than a similar traditional bicycle. Batteries need to be charged every 2-3 months when not in use.
How long will the battery last?
The Lithium-Ion battery included with your e-bike is comprised of high quality 18650 cells which are rated to last more than 600 cycles. Our bicycles are also designed with modular battery cases to allow customers to upgrade their batteries as lithium-ion and other battery technology improves.

VeeGo Models Comparison

Semi-Fat: 36V, 18Amp Controller (650W Peak)
Fat Tire: 48V, 18Amp Controller (850W Peak)
750: 48V, 22Amp Controller (1050W Peak)
Maximum Pedal Assist Speed
Semi-Fat: 20MPH Class 1, or 2
Fat Tire: 20MPH Class 1, or 2
750: 28MPH Class 1, 2, or 3
LCD Computer
Semi-Fat: Basic LCD w/ 5 Levels PAS & Throttle
Fat Tire: Advanced LCD w/ 5 Levels PAS & Throttle & USB
750: Advanced LCD w/ 9 Levels PAS & Throttle & USB
Semi-Fat: Integrated Rear w/ Brake Light
Fat Tire: Integrated Rear w/ Brake Light, Turn Signals, and Hazard Light
750: Integrated Rear w/ Brake Light, Turn Signals, and Hazard Light
Front Fork
Semi-Fat: Solid Fork
Fat Tire: Suspension Fork
750: Heavy Duty Suspension Fork w/ Adjustment & Lockout
Semi-Fat: Ergonomic Seat
Fat Tire: Ergonomic Seat
750: Cloud 9 Cruiser
Semi-Fat: Kenda 20" x 3" Semi-Fat
Fat Tire: Kenda 20" x 4" Krussade
750: Kenda 20" x 4" Krussade
Semi-Fat: 160MM Tektro
Fat Tire: 160MM Tektro
750: 180MM Tektro
Semi-Fat: Full Length Fenders Optional
Fat Tire: Front & Rear Included
750: Front & Rear Included


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