Lithium Ion Bottle Battery

Lithium Ion Bottle Battery


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This  is the stock battery for the Scoozy-350 and Scoozy-500 that also works with other common electric bicycles.

10.4Ah - Samsung 18650-26F

The 10.4 Ah battery is comprised of high quality and economical Samsung li-ion cells that will give a range of ~20-40 miles.

14Ah - Sanyo NCR18650GA

Our 14.0 Ah battery is comprised of the latest and highest density cells that exist on the market. These new Sanyo li-ion cells will give you plenty of extra range!

Legal Haz-Mat Shipping

We ship our li-ion batteries safely and legally through Fed-Ex hazmat shipping. It does cost a little more but your batteries will arrive in great shape and it is required by law!

1-Year Warranty

All batteries include our 1-year warranty for manufacturing defects so you can be confident you will receive a great high quality battery!