General Questions for the Scoozy-350 & Scoozy-500 Bicycles

Do you have to use the motor?

You can operate the bikes with the motor only, by pedaling, or both! The Scoozy-500 does have noticeable drag due to the larger direct drive motor and is not recommended to be ridden without motor assistance.

How do you activate the motor?

The Scoozy-350 and Scoozy-500 activate their motors with a thumb throttle located on the right hand side of the handlebars.

Do the bicycles come with pedal assist?

Instead of pedal assist, the Scoozy-350 comes with cruise assist.  While most electric bicycles only allow you to choose within 3 or 5 levels of assistance, with cruise assist you can dial in the exact amount of assistance you want.  It also allows you to maintain speed without pedaling - perfect for commuting.

How does cruise control assist work?

A simple switch located on the left side of the handlebar to maintain the current electric assistance. This allows the rider to dial in an infinite amount of assist levels, or to ride without having to press the throttle or pedal. You can disable the cruise assist by pressing the same green button or the brake levers. 

How loud is the electric motor?

These versions are outfitted with a direct drive motor that makes virtually no noise whatsoever, a true quiet drive.

Is the battery removable?

Yes, the battery can be removed for storage, charging, and safety reasons. You can also charge the battery while it is installed on the bicycle.

Can someone steal the battery?

A key is required to remove the battery to prevent theft for all of our electric bicycles.

Assembly & Maintenance

How is the bicycle shipped?

The complete bicycle and battery are shipped within a standard bike box. Extra batteries will be shipped on their own to meet national HazMat regulations. 

How much assembly is required?

The Scoozy-350 and Scoozy-500 are shipped 90% assembled.  You will only have to install the handlebars, pedals, seatpost, and front wheel.

How much maintenance is required?

The Scoozy-350 and Scoozy-500 require very little maintenance due to their single speed design and direct drive motor. It is recommended to have their spoke tensions checked frequently due to the added stress from the electric hub motors. Batteries need to be charged every 2-3 months when not in use.

How do you replace a tube?

Tube changes are performed the same as for a typical bicycle. When replacing the rear tube remember to disconnect the electrical cables before removing the wheel.  Also remember the position of the anti-rotation washers before re-installing the wheel in the same fashion. 


Why are you using a Lithium-Ion battery?

Lithium-Ion batteries are used for their optimal strength/weight ratio which allows for a lightweight maneuverable bicycle.

How many cycles will the battery last?

The Lithium-Ion batteries included with your e-bike is comprised of high quality name brand 18650 cells which are rated to last more than 500-800 cycles. Our bicycles are also designed with modular battery cases to allow customers to upgrade their batteries as lithium-ion and other battery technology improves.