Maintenance - Connectors

If you are having any of the following problems:

LCD Error Codes

Loss of Power to LCD Computer

Surging Power

    then you probably have a bad connection somewhere!  A connector may have come loose or dirt and grime may be causing an inconsistent connection.  Here are the places you should check to ensure your bike is operating at its best:


    1) Harness Connectors

    It is rare for there to be issues with the harness connectors, but it doesn't hurt to check the pins and make sure they aren't bent and are making a good connection.  When re-inserting the pins make sure to align the arrows and not force the connectors which could bend them!


    2) Motor Connector

    The motor connector could have wiggled itself loose during shipping or riding, make sure connector is pushed together as much as possible. Always make sure to align the arrows and push together up until line for the best connection.

    3) Controller Connections

    To check the connections at the controller, you must first undo the 4 bolts underneath the battery. 

    Weatherproof Connectors

    Check and make sure connectors are pushed together as much as possible, they may have come loose with time.  If desired, add a piece of electrical tape to ensure they don't come loose in the future.

    Bullet Connectors

    Bullet connectors are used to handle higher power.  If they are not making a good connection it can lead to surging or other problems.  It possible pull them apart and then push them back together as much as possible.  
    Be sure to replace protectors around bullet connectors afterwards.  If protector is damaged wrap bullet connectors with electrical tape to prevent a short with other connectors.

    Molex Connectors

    If your controller has molex connectors, check that none of the wires have come loose.  A light push or tug can ensure none of the wires have come loose.  You can also pull the 2 connectors apart by pushing on the lock tab and pulling them apart.  Check for dirt and any bent pins and then push connector back together.


    When testing connectors, it is possible to test the bike with the control box still open.  Just make sure all the connectors are protected and will not short out with another connector.  Once the problem has been isolated and resolved, reinstall controller and side panel!  
    If the problem resurfaces after re-installation, a wire may be bent or pulled out when the controller is placed in the panel.  Please take care to ensure wires are not being bent or squeezed when re-installing controller and side plate. 
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