General Questions for the Joey Folding Electric Bike

What are the dimensions when folded?

Joey is 28" long, 18"wide, and 20" tall when folded.

Do you have to use the motor?

You can operate the bikes with or without the motor turned on. 

How do you activate the motor?

The motors can be activated by the twist throttle located on the right side of the handlebar or by pedaling (PAS). There are 3 levels of pedal assistance that can be used.

How loud is the electric motor?

The brushless electric motor design is extremely quiet.

Is the battery removable?

Yes, the battery can be removed for storage, charging, and safety reasons. You can also charge the battery while it is installed on the bicycle.

Can someone steal the battery?

A key is required to remove the battery to prevent theft.

Do you have to leave the key inserted to use Joey?

The key is only needed to remove the battery, you do not need to leave it installed for operation.

What display is included?

An integrated LCD computer is designed into the handlebar that includes speed and range.

What warranty is included?

Our standard warranty is 1 year for all electric bikes purchased through the website.

Assembly & Maintenance

How is the bicycle shipped?

The complete bicycle and battery are shipped within a standard bike box via FedEx

How much assembly is required?

Joey will arrive 99% assembled!  You only have to install the pedals and insert the seatpost and you will be good to go!

How much maintenance is required?

The Joey requires very little maintenance since it does not have a derailleur or spokes. You will have to adjust the brakes from time to time and check all the hardware.



How many cycles will the battery last?

The Lithium-Ion battery included with your e-bike is comprised of high quality 18650 cells which are rated to last more than 500 cycles. Our bicycles are also designed with modular battery cases to allow customers to upgrade their batteries as lithium-ion and other battery technology improves.