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New features including brake lights & turn signals included with each order!
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Black VeeGo's have Black Wheels Now (not white)

    The Ultimate Folding Fat-Tire Electric Bicycle

    Updated for 2018, our folding VeeGo Electric Bike continues to blow the competition away in every aspect.  20% more power than out competitors '750W' bikes, integrated lighting, integrated rear rack, rust-proof fenders, and a multi-power mode LCD computer with USB charging! The VeeGo is versatile enough to use as a cargo bike, off-road explorer, or city commuter.
    7 Speeds
    20 MPH
    500 Watts Output
    25-45 Mile Range
    60lbs Total Weight
    5 Level PAS & Throttle

    Arrives 99% Assembled
    Not only are you saving hundreds of dollars in assembly fees but also the time and headache of having to assemble an electric bike!

    High Strength Folding Frame
    VeeGo easily folds down to 41" x 21" x 30" for easy travel or storage!

    Integrated Lighting & Rack
    Utilizing the most advanced lighting system and strongest rack on the market. Don't settle for less!!

    Distinguishing Features

    Arrives 99% Assembled
    Don't worry about having to dig through complicated instructions or finding special tools, you only have to install the pedals!
    Oversized Folding Latch
    Our design includes stronger hardware that provides as much strength and durability possible for a folding frame.
    Front & Rear Fenders Included
    Our rust-proof fenders are included at no charge! We have also upgraded the rear fender to cover the entire rear wheel.
    Chain & Derailleur Guards
    A double chain guard and rear derailleur guard are included keeping your chain nice and secure and your derailleur protected being bent.
    LCD w/ USB & Power Modes
    Simple to use and full of features, our computer let's you dial in exactly how much power you would like.
    Powerful 18 Amp Controller
    Providing the perfect balance of power for flat roads and steep hills, our folding VeeGo is the most versatile e-bike on the market.
    Internal Cable Routing
    Protecting your cables from getting caught or damaged while riding in the elements.
    Cable Protectors
    Custom designed plastic guards will keep your cables from getting frayed when you fold and unfold your VeeGo bike.
    Hassle Free Warranty
    In case you do have any problems, we are here to help! We keep all parts in stock and can get you back running in no time.
    Free Domestic Shipping
    The price you see is the price you pay, no need to worry about expensive surcharges for shipping. Your VeeGo will ship from our shop in Detroit via FedEx.

    Entire Specification List ➡️

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much assembly is required?
    VeeGo will arrive 99% assembled! You only have to install the pedals and you will be good to go! Just make sure to tighten them down really tight :)
    Rider height and weight limits?
    The VeeGo Fat Tire is designed for riders between 5' tall and 6'4 and up to 275 pounds.
    What are the dimensions when folded?
    VeeGo is 41" long, 21"wide, and 30" tall when folded.
    Do you have to use the motor?
    You can operate your VeeGo with pedal assistance, or with the twist throttle. You can also turn all the electronics off.
    How do you charge the VeeGo?
    A 2 amp charger is included with the bike. You can charge the battery while it is still installed on the bike or remove it and charge elsewhere.
    How much maintenance is required?
    Our electric bicycles do not require much more maintenance than a similar traditional bicycle. Models outfitted with hub motors should have their spoke tensions checked approximately once a year due to the added stress from the electric motors. Batteries need to be charged every 2-3 months when not in use.
    How long will the battery last?
    The Lithium-Ion battery included with your e-bike is comprised of high quality name brand 18650 cells which are rated to last more than 800 cycles. Our bicycles are also designed with modular battery cases to allow customers to upgrade their batteries as lithium-ion and other battery technology improves.

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