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Model VeeGo Fat Tire Competitor R Installation Fee
Comparing 2019 Rad Mini against the VeeGo Fat Tire Rad Power features against Ride Scoozy Electric Bikes
PRICE $1499* $1499
Speed 20MPH 20MPH


Power 750 Watt Peak 750 Watt Peak
Full Length Fenders Included!



Rear Rack Included! +$90 +$0-50
Assembled 99%

Assembly Required


K Guard
60 Lux Headlight Optional
Oversized Derailleur Guard
Turn Signals
17.4 Ah Option
Multi Power Modes
3 Amp Fast Charger
Colorful Options
Replacement Battery* $449 $610


If you assemble the parts yourself: $190 + 3-4 Hours of Sanity
If you need help with assembly: $470
Savings does NOT even include added features!

How Do We Do It?

Ride Scoozy was one of the first electric bicycle companies to perform 100% of the assembly of their electric bicycles back in 2013. That included the wheels, pressing bearings, everything! Because of this today we are able to receive semi-assembled bicycles and perform the final assembly and inspection right here at our shop in the USA. This allows us to save a significant amount in cost by reducing our defect rate, reducing customer service issues, and reducing our tariff fees.

What About Tariffs?

Performing a portion of the assembly in the USA reduces our tariff rate significantly. Because of this we are able to pass along the savings to our customers by offering electric bikes with significantly more features than our competitors. It would be just as easy to offer less expensive bicycles with the same performance as our competitors, however, we have found our customers prefer having the latest and greatest features and technology 😊

Comparison is based on available information online as of 2/5/19.
2019 VeeGo price based on current pre-order.
VeeGo Setup is typically $50, Competitor R recommends $200 Assembly
Ride Scoozy 13Ah Battery uses more efficient cells that provides the same range as their 14Ah