One of VeeGo's greatest features is the heavy duty rear cargo rack!  While there are a ton of bicycle rack bags and panniers on the market, it is difficult to find one that will fit with the wider fat tire rear rack. Here are a few options that will work with our HD cargo rack!


Option #1 - Zydek Trunk Bag with Expandable Panniers


Zydek Trunk Bag with Expandable Panniers for Wide Fat Tire Rack

This is a great option if you carry a lot of items.  There is a large amount of cargo space with plenty of compartments.  Also, because the pannier bags unzip off the side of the bag, the extra wide cargo rack will not interfere like with traditional pannier bags. There are also 4 attachment points that keep the bag secure while riding.

 Zydek Bicycle Trunk Bag


Option #2 - Surplus Military Bags


Surplus Bike Bags Russian Military Pannier Bag with VeeGo Fat Tire Cargo Rack

The second option is from While these bags do not offer as much storage space as the Zydek Trunk Bag, they are extremely cool looking!  Their website offers many different options depending on your needs and style.  They also use a nylon strap with a clip that mounts easily over the larger rack tubing and also makes it easy to remove the bag to take with you.  A shoulder strap is also included!


Option #3 - 'Rat Trap' Wire Basket


Rat Trap Wire Basket from Target for Fat Tire Bicycle Rear Rack

Another economical option is what has been referred to as the 'Rat Trap' basket.  This design uses a wire basket from Target with a 15" x 15" cargo net to keep items in.  Multiple mounting options for the cargo net allow you to keep small and large items in tow while commuting to your destination. If you do leave your bike parked outside overnight, just be prepared for what you might find!  :)

Wire Basket          Cargo Net

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