Storage Options for VeeGo's Rear Cargo Rack



One of VeeGo's greatest features is the heavy duty rear cargo rack!  While there are a ton of bicycle rack bags and panniers on the market, it is difficult to find one that will fit with the wider fat tire rear rack. Here are a few options that will work with our HD cargo rack!


Option #1 - Sunlite Rack Top Wire Basket


Sunlite Rear Wire Basket for Fat Tire Electric Bicycle

An economical option with lots of storage space is what has been referred to as the 'Rat Trap' basket.  Grab the Sunlite wire basket from Amazon with a cargo net to keep items in.  The 16" long and 13" wide basket has plenty of room for lots of items and is easy to install with the included hardware. If you do leave your bike parked outside overnight, just be prepared for what you might find!  :)

Wire Basket

Option #2 - Nantucket Cisco Rear Pannier Basket


Nantucket Rear Basket for Fat Tire Electric Bike

Nantucket baskets are one of the most sought after products in the bike world. Not only do they look great, they are extremely high quality and functional. There aren't many products that work seamlessly with fat tire racks, but the Nantucket Cisco Pannier Basket drops in place with ease. It uses 2 hooks to keep it secure yet it is also easy to remove. You can't go wrong with this basket!

Nantucket Cisco Rear Pannier Basket

Option #3 - Trunk Bag with Expandable Panniers


Zydek Trunk Bag with Expandable Panniers for Wide Fat Tire Rack on Electric Bike

This is a great option if you carry a lot of items.  There is a large amount of cargo space with plenty of compartments.  Also, because the pannier bags unzip off the side of the bag, the extra wide cargo rack will not interfere like with traditional pannier bags. There are also 4 attachment points that keep the bag secure while riding.

Coolchange Bicycle Trunk Bag


Option #4 - Surplus Military Bags


Surplus Bike Bags Russian Military Pannier Bag with VeeGo Fat Tire Cargo Rack

A trendier option is from While these bags do not offer as much storage space as the expanding pannier bags, they are extremely cool looking!  Their website offers many different options depending on your needs and style.  They also use a nylon strap with a clip that mounts easily over the larger rack tubing and also makes it easy to remove the bag to take with you.  A shoulder strap is also included!


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17 May, 2019

Ride Scoozy

Hi Carl!
We still think the rear cargo rack is one of the greatest features of the bike. We have no intentions of ditching it :) Regarding finding a matching rear pannier/basket/etc, there are hundreds of options on the market and unfortunately it is not possible for us to keep track of all of them at any given time. There are many options that would work with the larger tubing, but unfortunately every bag on the market may not. You can also easily attach a smaller 10mm rod to the rack and hang a pannier bag off of that as well.

17 May, 2019

Ride Scoozy

Hi Randy! The rad mini uses slightly larger but less efficient cells meaning their 14Ah battery will get around the same range as our 13Ah. We also have 3 different power modes that will allow you to increase the range even more, or decrease it if you want to get more acceleration out of your bike :)

17 May, 2019

Carl Etnier

And appears to be defunct. So 2 out of the 4 recommended options are unavailable. This belies the claim that “one of VeeGo’s greatest features is the heavy duty rear cargo rack.” The wide diameter tubing is a pain to fit panniers to.

My Ortlieb panniers can be fitted with customized hardware for wider tubing, but then they wouldn’t work so well on my other bikes, I fear. Instead, I have outfitted the rack with loops of rope to attach the Ortliebs to, and I’m planning to install to the rack vertical tubing from an old bike rack to give them something to connect to. I think this will work.

But it would be so much simpler if the bike came without this built-in rack and instead allowed us to install racks with normal diameter tubing. It looks like Blackburn makes a nice rear rack that fits fat tire bikes—I’d rather have that one. Maybe next year’s model will ditch this hard-to-use rack?

17 May, 2019


How does your bike compare to the Rad mini step through? How do the batteries compare?

17 May, 2019


How does your bike compare to the Rad mini step through? How do the batteries compare?

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