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Did you recently purchase an electric bicycle? Congratulations! It's exciting, isn't it? I just started riding them myself and love it already, but it was a little intimidating at first. Luckily for me, I work with the pros, and had a little extra help. . . for those of you that don't, here is my Need-To-Knows before hopping on your E-bike for the best ride of your life. 


***Disclaimer, this article is specific to the Folding Veego 500 ***



1.  Seat Height

Seat height on Ride Scoozy Electric Bike Veego
When measuring your seat height, many people measure from the ground up. A surprise to me, it is actually from the pedal when straight down, up to the seat (or hand to hand in the picture). 
But how do you know how high it should be? When you stand around the bike seat, your feet should be able to hit the ground, but you shouldn't be able to stand flat footed. We suggest being on your tippy toes in this position for the most comfortable ride. 

---Fun Fact Alert: When standing at a stop on the bike, you aren't supposed to stand over the seat, but move forward over the frame. Here, as the frame moves downwards, you should be able to stand flat footed--- 



2. Handle Bars

Handle Bar Adjusting on Ride Scoozy Electric Bike

Handle bar height is super important for a comfortable ride. A lot of people want to move the handle bars in at an angle to be closer to them, however, the trick to get them closer to you is just move them up higher which shortens the reach as well. If you want to know how, it involves trigonometry that the tech guys over here can explain to you, but if, like me, you aren't a numbers person then just take my word for it. It's true. On the VeeGo, simply open the latch around the bars, see photo, and you will be able to raise or lower the handle bars as needed then clamp them down tight again.  



3. The Computer

Ride Scoozy Veego Computer with Diagram


The Veego Folding 500 bike computer looks complicated, but in reality is fairly simple. I added the colored dots for reference.

Red Circle: Starting from the upper left hand corner, there is the power button. After the battery is turned on with the key in position 3, click the power button once to turn the computer on. After it loads up, if you click the power button again (not hold, just click), it will turn your headlight on and off. When you are done with your bike ride, hold the button to turn the computer off. 

Green Circle: The plus arrow increases the pedal assist. I suggest starting at zero and using the throttle on the right handle to get yourself going, then slowly increasing the pedal assist as you are moving and feel more comfortable. 

Yellow Circle:The minus button turns the pedal assist down. Once again, I suggest doing this one at a time, not all at once. 

Blue Circle: This area of the screen shows what level of pedal assistance (PAS) the bike is on. Different bikes may have different levels of assistance.... the VeeGo 500 has 5 and the VeeGo 750 has 9 for instance. 

 Purple Circle: Lastly, this section of the screen shows how fast the bike is going, in terms of MPH. Remember to go slower on the turns, but have fun and see how fast your new bike can take you! (safely please!)



 4. Pedal Away and Ride

Pedal correct form on Veego Electric Bicycle

The last thing you need to know to ride is the correct form to pedal to get going. I know, I didn't think there was a "correct form" either, but that's why I work with the professionals. When launching yourself from a stop, many people start with one foot up at the top, with the other foot down at the very bottom straight up and down style. However, it is almost impossible to pedal the bike with your feet in this position and people end up trying to kick the pedal forward which never works out well. The way to solve this issue is easy, rotate the pedals backwards just enough so that when you put the pressure on the forward pedal, it is putting pressure down, and AROUND the path of the pedal. Just by standing up onto the pedal (and not even having to pedal yet), it will propel the bike forward allowing you to get control of your bike much quicker. I know, I tried both. . . and let's just say one almost ended up with my falling over. 


We will have more articles shortly that will highlight the more advanced features of the LCD computer and additional riding tips, however, this should be everything you need to know to get started on your new electric bike!   I know you will have as much fun as I had. Let me know where you take your bike, or if you have any other tips I didn't get. 

Happy Riding!

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