Joining the Team!

Hey there Ride Scoozy Family,

    Samantha, who likes to commute with electric bike in Tampa, Florida 

My name is Samantha and I’m stoked to be joining the team here at Ride Scoozy as the Media and Communications Manager.  

From here on out, I’ll be the one behind the blogs, social media, and emails that you will be seeing, as well as answering the phones, so: Call me, beep me, if you want to reach me? (10 extra points for anyone who got that reference)

I graduated from the University of South Florida- GO BULLS! - and am a big Tampa Bay Lightning fan. When I’m not in the office, working to inform you guys on all things E-Bike related, I’m most like relaxing with my dog (see pictures below), scuba diving under the waves, or dancing my heart out somewhere. I love reality TV, traveling, and really cheesy puns.


Now that you know me, I can’t wait to get to know all of you in the Ride Scoozy Family as we explore electric bicycles and everything they can do. Let me know your secrets and tips if you are willing to share. I’m still new to this community and will take all the help I can get. And who knows? Maybe your tip is so eye-opening, so groundbreaking, so awe-inspiring that I’ll be tempted to share it with everyone else too.

I hope to hear from you guys soon, 





PS. Please enjoy this photo of my dog


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